Gifts for the farmers in your life

Lambing Survival Kit
Provita Lamb Response 100ML
Severn Pressure Washer Portable Industrial
Lamb Stomach Tube kit
Prolapse Harness from Agrihealth
Battles Twin Lamb Drench
Heiniger Xplorer Horse and Cattle Cordless Clipper
Thermal trousers
Burgon & Ball Footrot Shear Serr+Supersharp Pack
Burgon & Ball Footrot Shear Super Sharp
Draper Cordless Grease Gun 18V
Metric Tool Kit, 1/4″ And 1/2″ Sq. Dr. (100 Piece)
Antifreeze Tester
Ratcheting Internal And External Circlip Pliers
Draper TX-STAR® Hexagon And Spline Bit Set
Thermal long sleeve vest
Thermal Work Socks 3 Pack
Black Beanie hat with LED light
SIMCRO Dosing Gun
Phillips Blue 25ml Variable Dose Drencher
Heiniger Diamond Cutter
Heiniger Edge Cutter
Lister Chaos Cutter
Lister Challenger Comb
Lister Nexus Sensor Shearing Machine
Heiniger EVO shearing Machine
Heiniger Supercharged Run-In Comb
Heiniger Charger Comb
Heiniger Calibre LG2 Comb
Pallet Forks With Euro 8 Brackets
Bekina Steplite X SolidGrip Soft Toe
Lamb Colostrum from Welsh Farm Supplies
Welsh Farm Supplies Multi Vitamin Drench
Patchwork Air + Guidance system
Draper Stormforce Combi Drill
Farmtrak PU Parlour Trousers
Farmtrak PU Parlour Jacket
Connix X Plus Wireless LED Trailer set
Draper 138 Piece Tool Kit
Draper 25 Piece Combination Spanner set
Aytin Hand Shears
Horner Razor Cordless Shearing set
Connix Wireless LED Trailer Set
Sheep Marker Spray 500ml
True Test XRS2 Stick Reader
Lister Outback Shearing Handpiece
Lister Skorpion Handpiece
Heiniger Icon FX Fully Loaded
Workwear at DGT Agri
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Workwear at DGT Agri
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Workwear at DGT Agri
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